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Song Wang

Song Wang

Pop / Alternative Rock

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Calm and collected with a voice gifted beyond her years, Song Wang's creations convey perception and inspiration that transcends generational gaps. Best compared to the likes of PJ Harvey and Anna Calvi, sensual emotional bursts and mania are inherent to her ecstatic vocal deliveries and understated whispers as her music launches a nuanced investigation of the divine feminine.


At the age of 22, Song has accumulated over 10 years of creative work under her belt. Embarking on her music journey with an acoustic guitar when she was 8, she performed alongside her hometown band in Eastern Taiwan as she graduated elementary school, where she was constantly the youngest person at the show. She went on to be awarded by Warner Music as Warner Influencers Network's up-and-coming artist, along with the 2019 finalist for the Warner Music New Star talent program.


With an electric guitar on hand and shrouded by a mysterious but magnetic vibe, Song Wang's straightforward and sensual creations are often centered around the most profound elements of life - passion and fascination, lust and desire. Her compositions have a sense of perception and spirituality that generates a primitive connection with the listener while displaying the layers of the feminine psyche.


Song has joined forces with Black Market Music Production to release her debut album to establish her voice as an icon in the realm of rock music, as she steps into the world of fashion and the eyes of the general public. Already taking over the cover of numerous official Spotify playlists through her singles, her new album is set to top the charts towards the end of 2022.


With producer Oliver, the founder of Black Market Music Production at the steering wheel, the upcoming album is expected to be a mixture of violence and euphoria, with a perfect blend of strength and tenderness. As the dark and mysterious female vocalist the world has longed for, Song Wang is on track to become one of the most seductive voices in Rock and Roll.

  • 2022.06 Single 99

  • 2022.05 Single Dark and Tide

  • 2022.04 Single Stalker Monologue

  • 2022.03 Single Lonely Island

  • 2022.02 Single Wish You

  • 2022.01 Single Thinking About You In the Wasteland

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