Alternative Pop

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In a time when tech seemingly moves and updates too quickly for us to keep up - NIO is an artist whose rhythms and melodies ground us, bringing our lives back into focus. An artist of Taiwanese and British origins, NIO’s first introduction to music was through classical piano. It wasn't until he was 14 and heard soundtracks and piano arrangements from Japanese video-game Final Fantasy that his creative door was unexpectedly kicked open.


At the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, NIO studied pop vocal performance, along with film composition, arranging for strings and music production. Having seen much of the world from a young age, NIO soon started expanding his musical talents to different genres, namely electronic and alt-pop.


NIO’s music is always distinctly grounded by a strong sense of rhythm. His music is alive and one can’t help but move when listening. Even though several genres have been thrown NIO’s way: Neo Soul, Indie, Rock, Alt Pop - none of these genres truly and completely captures the new take NIO has on music.  NIO treats music like a lifelong adventure, and with this philosophy he creates music that is always changing and adapting for and towards the future.

  • 2020.06 Single 'Undercover'